Research Facilities

preschool lab 2Preschool Lab

The new UW-Madison Preschool Lab is a 12,000 sf state-of-the-art research facility operated by Human Ecology as part of the School’s educational and research program.  Programmatically the new Lab is designed on the family model, where children and teachers remain together as they move from infant to toddler to preschool age. The Lab is equipped with several observation and interview rooms for classes and research projects.


Lehman interaction labThe Frances and Elliot Lehman Family Interaction Laboratory

The Lehman Interaction Labs are managed by the Center for Excellence in Family Studies in the School of Human Ecology. The 1350 square foot Human Interaction Research Suite comprises a central reception room, two observation rooms, and two Lab spaces. The Human Interaction Lab has an informal, residential living room layout that is fully reconfigurable. The Infant/Children Interaction Lab is a 300 sf flexible space adjoining the Preschool so each project leader can lay out the room as necessary for their particular research and interaction needs.


Eye Tracking Lab

Dr. Kirkorian’s eye tracking lab is located in the School of Human Ecology. The eye-tracking apparatus is a head-mounted system developed by Positive Science. The system is customized for use with infants, children, and adults. Because the participant wears the cameras on a cap or pair of glasses, the researcher can collect data wherever the participant looks during both screen viewing and hands-on tasks (e.g., video game play). The system is also light and portable (e.g., can be carried in a backpack), so researchers can also collect eye movement data while participants are moving about a room. For more information, see the Positive Science website: .


Video game research laboratory

Dr. Riddle’s video game research lab provides a small lab space for video game researchers. Designed to look like a comfortable living room, it includes seating, a flat-screen television, multiple gaming systems, and a station for data collection. The laboratory is housed in 5035 Vilas Hall.


J-School Media Research Laboratory

The media research laboratory includes 5 data collection stations. Each station includes a computer featuring Direct RT and MediaLab software programs. The lab also includes a flat-screen television set. The laboratory is housed in 5011 Vilas Hall.